10 mg, 5 mg

Active ingredient: bisoprolol

Rivocor Blood Pressure

About Rivocor bisoprolol tablets

Rivocor (bisoprolol) is used to treat Supraventricular Tachycardia. Bisoprolol should be used with caution in these patients. Treatment with bisoprolol must be started at a low dose and increased gradually. Take bisoprolol once a day, in the morning.

Side Effects

Possible side effects. Consult your doctor, as everyone has individual reactions to Rivocor

  • cough
  • irregular breathing
  • difficult or labored breathing
  • chills
  • cool, pale skin

How and where to buy Rivocor online?

  1. Before buying Rivocor, carefully read the contraindications and possible side effects.
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  3. Rivocor is available to buy online in the form of 10 mg, 5 mg tablets, which can be used by men and women over the age of 18.

What is it used for?

Rivocor 10 mg, 5 mg is used to treat the following diseases: Angina Pectoris Prophylaxis, Heart Failure, High Blood Pressure, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Premature Ventricular Depolarizations, Supraventricular Tachycardia.

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  • Serum concentrations of these medications should also be monitored.
  • People taking the drug should not drive, or operate machinery, or perform hazardous tasks requiring mental alertness until the effects of the medication have worn off.
  • Studies of human social drinkers show that euphoria is only occasionally increased alcohol.


  • Folic acid deficiency is known to occur in pregnancy.
  • If prolonged amenorrhea occurs, the possibility of pregnancy should be evaluated.


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