250 mg

Active ingredient: flutamide

Dedile 250 mg
Dedile 250 mg
Dedile Mans Health
Dedile 250 mg
Dedile Argentina

About Dedile flutamide tablets

Dedile (flutamide) is used to treat Hirsutism. There are no known alterations in flutamide absorption, distribution, metabolism, or excretion due to race. Do not use laxatives while taking flutamide.

Side Effects

Possible side effects. Consult your doctor, as everyone has individual reactions to Dedile

  • Abdominal or stomach pain
  • slow or fast heartbeat
  • discoloration of the urine
  • continuing diarrhea
  • itching

How and where to buy flutamide online?

  1. Before buying Dedile, carefully read the contraindications and possible side effects.
  2. Click the link above to buy Dedile (flutamide) from "LyraMedOnline" online pharmacy
  3. Dedile is available to purchase online in the form of 250 mg capsules, which can be used by men and women over the age of 18.

What is it used for?

Dedile 250 mg is used to treat the following diseases: Hirsutism, Prostate Cancer.

Dedile Argentina US/UK

You can easily buy Dedile (flutamide) in the following countries: Argentina / USA / uk

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  • Alcohol can increase possible drowsiness and dizziness.
  • May cause infertility in male patients who received high doses as children.
  • If you are taking this medicine for angina, do not suddenly stop taking it, as this can cause severe angina for one or two days.


  • Use in late pregnancy may cause premature closing of the ductus arteriosus in the fetus.
  • Men were used as controls because they cannot become pregnant.



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