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Active ingredient: doxazosin

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About Vaxosin doxazosin tablets

Vaxosin (doxazosin) is used to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Always take your doxazosin exactly as your doctor has told you. If you have impression that the effect of DOXAZOSIN is too strong or too weak, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The plasma concentrations of doxazosin may be elevated when administered concurrently with itraconazole.

Side Effects

Possible side effects. Consult your physician, as everyone has individual reactions to Vaxosin

  • burning, crawling, itching, numbness, prickling, “pins and needles”, or tingling feeling
  • dizziness, faintness, or lightheadedness when getting up from a lying or sitting position
  • area rash
  • noisy breathing

Where can you order doxazosin ?

  1. Before buying Vaxosin, carefully read the contraindications and possible side effects.
  2. Click the link above to buy Vaxosin (doxazosin) from "LyraMedOnline" online pharmacy
  3. Vaxosin is available to buy online in the form of 4 mg, 2 mg, 1 mg tablets, which can be used by men and women over the age of 18.

What is it used for?

Vaxosin 4 mg, 2 mg, 1 mg is used to treat the following diseases: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, High Blood Pressure, Raynaud's Syndrome.

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  • You should continue to take it unless you are advised otherwise by your doctor.
  • If you have any concerns, you should bring them up with your physician and discuss the benefits of Advair against the associated risks.
  • If you are a pregnant woman and traveling to a malaria infested place, talk to your doctor about the risks first.


  • Estrogen should not be used during pregnancy.
  • This medication must not be used during pregnancy because it may harm an unborn baby, especially during the first 4 months of pregnancy.
  • Use effective birth control to prevent pregnancy while you are taking this medicine.


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